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State Leasing Program

Ben Brackett
General Services Enterprise - State Leasing Program
Office - 515.725.2282


During the 2011 legislative session, House File 646 was signed into law. Among other things, the new law vests in the Department of Administrative Services (DAS) the responsibility for leasing all buildings and office space wherever located throughout the state. As a result, the State Leasing Program was created.

The State Leasing Program manages the statewide portfolio of leased real estate, primarily office tenants, and acts as a tenant representative to all state governmental agencies. We are charged with obtaining the most economical space that best suits the business needs of State agencies with the overarching interest of the State taxpayers in mind.

OUR MISSION is to provide top service, strategy, and negotiations for all state agencies across Iowa as it relates to any leasing of real estate. We recognize that one very effective way to cut costs lies in real estate and it is our goal to establish cost savings through leveraging our status as a state tenant, creating competition in the market, and utilizing financial analysis to find the most favorable situation.

Ultimately, we aspire to develop into a sophisticated asset management team that administers one of the most dynamic real estate portfolios in the state of Iowa in a transparent manner.

For State Agencies
Traditionally, the State Leasing Program will make contact with state agencies as leases come due; however, state agencies are encouraged to contact us with any questions or concerns as they relate to statewide leases or real estate in general. More information will be available via the web site in the future.

For Commercial Real Estate Professionals & Owners
The State Leasing Program strives to be an available, transparent business partner throughout the leasing process. We try to provide as much pertinent material on our web site as possible, but also encourage direct contact via phone or email with any questions as to how we do business. More information about our policies and procedures will be available via the web site in the future.

We also ask that all commercial real estate professionals (landlords, property managers, brokers, etc.) and owners send us their contact information if they are interested in doing business with the State of Iowa. Please send your name, location, phone number, and email as well as the company or building(s) you represent to Ben Brackett. You or your company will be added to our correspondence list for upcoming projects and requirements.

Space Management: Moves, Adds, & Changes

Barbara Bendon
State Property Manager
General Services Enterprise - Moves, Adds, & Changes

Office - 515.281.8887