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Department of Administrative Services

Did you know?

General Services...

Provides lease contract administration and space planning services for approximately 500,000 square feet of space in Polk County and contiguous counties.

Assigns and certifies approximately 1.8 million square feet of space at the Capitol Complex and Ankeny Labs.

Manages more than 850 contracts on behalf of other state agencies.

Replaces approximately 5,500 light bulbs; 8,600 air filters every year.

Provides HVAC services for 14 buildings on the Complex and 5 buildings in Ankeny; maintains over 60 air handlers, over 30 electrical transformers, hundreds of breakers and several thousand light fixtures.

Mows 204 acres of land, removes snow and ice from approximately 3877 parking spaces, and over 10 miles of sidewalks.

Cleans 1.9 million square feet of office space daily.

Manages the fleet program that annually maintains 2950 vehicles that drive 52.5 million miles.

Auctions 400 used vehicles and puts into use 400 new vehicles yearly.

Processes 12.5 million pieces of mail and 13,000 parcels annually.